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Various Costums in Yogyakarta


  1. Sekaten and Garebeg
    Garebeg ceremony is held 3 times in a year by Yogyakarta palace. Which is the symbol of sultan's charity to his people. Garebeg is held in Maulud month, Idul Fitri, and Idul Adha (besar) day. This ceremony is marked with the grasp of gunungan made of vegetables and fruits. In Maulud month, Garebeg is started with Sekaten ceremony, when the two sets gamelans of the palace taken to great mosque frontyard and presenting for 7 day for the public.

  2. Merti Desa
    Merti Desa is a ceremony to purify the villages symbolizing gratefulness of the God's graces.

  3. Siraman Pusaka (heirloom)
    Heirloom purifying is a ceremony, which not just held by royal people, but as well as Javanese people commonly. This ceremony is marked by purifying and cleaning the heirloom, royal carriage, traditional dagger, or other heirlooms.


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