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Somethings to buy in Yogyakarta


  1. Batik Craft
    Batik is a traditional clothes of Yogyakarta and the souvenir mostly sought by tourists. In Yogyakarta, the center of batik craft can be found in Tamansari area or Prawirotaman area. Besides, many souvenir shops, specialized in selling batik can be found easily in the centers of tourism Yogyakarta.

  2. Leather Craft
    Leather craft commonly in the form of puppet or painting is a unique souvenir that can be brought by the tourist as a souvenir from Yogyakarta.

  3. Dried Flower Craft
    For some years, many tourists seek dried flower as a souvenir in dried flower as a souvenir. This craft can be obtained in dried flower center in Dukuh or around the north square.

  4. Silver
    Silver is a craft produced mostly in Kotagede. Kotagede silver is widely known and has become an export commodity.

  5. Various Souvenir
    Besides several souvenirs mentioned above, Yogyakarta also offers other souvenirs like Dagadu t-shirt, wood and bamboo craft, and other crafts. Those various souvenirs can be found in Malioboro area or Rotowijayan area.

  6. Traditional Foods
    Traditional foods of Yogyakarta are gudeg, bakpia, or yangko. Those various foods can be bought in Pathuk.


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