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Something to see in Yogyakarta


  1. Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta
    Yogyakarta Palace is the main object in Yogyakarta city, a historical building, which is the palace of Sultan Hamengku Buwono X established in 1756. Yogyakarta Palace, with all cultures and costums has become the soul of Yogyakarta people.

  2. Tamansari
    Tamansari is a water castle, which was functioned as recreational park and defense fortress. This historical building started to establish in the middle of 18th century.

  3. Gedung Agung
    Gedung Agung actually is a Presidential Palace used to be a Dutch resident office in Yogyakarta. The building established in the year of 1842 recently is still used as Indonesia presidential palace and can be visited by tourists by asking license first.

  4. Vredeburg Fortress
    Vredeburg Fortress is located in the opposite of Gedung Agung. This was the Dutch fortress that established in 1756, is recently used as museum presenting Indonesian struggle in independence. Besides, Vredeburg Fortress also becomes the center of Yogyakarta cultural art activities.

  5. Pura Pakualaman
    Pura Pakualaman is a palace located in the east of Yogyakarta Palace. The historical background of Pura Pakualaman is related to the history of Yogyakarta's Sultanate Palace. The palace established in the of 19th century recently used as the resident of Sri Pakualam IX and his family.

  6. Kotagede
    Kotagede is a certain area located in southern part of Yogyakarta. This area was traditionally the central govermance of Mataram Islamic Kingdom, controlling the mid of 16th century. Today, besides seeing the ancient buildings. Kotagede is also known as sacred area, specially the grave of Panembahan Senopati, the first king of Mataram Islam Kingdom.

  7. Klithikan Market (Second Hand Goods Market)
    Klithikan market, which is located in Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto 34, is a place where sellers and buyers meet and have a chance to bargain the product. The interesting fact of Klithikan market is that it selis a wide range of electronic and non electronics goods whether it is new or second hand.

  8. Gembira Loka Park and Zoo
    Gembira Loka park and zoo has a various collection of flora and fauna from all over Indonesia and around the world.

  9. Science Park
    This area is opened for public especially for school children that give educational and recreational value to enhance children way of thinking.

  10. Malioboro
    Malioboro is an area existing in the heart of Yogyakarta City. The area, which is the center of shops and souvenir, is well known. There is a proverb saying that you are not in Yogyakarta if you have not visited Malioboro. In the evening, this area presents lesehan offering various traditional foods of Yogyakarta. This makes Malioboro as an area that never sleep 24 hours.

  11. Ngasem Bird Market
    For those, who love animal, there is a traditional market providing various kinds of birds and pets such as fish, cats, rabbit.

  12. Beringharjo Market
    Beringharjo market is a traditional market in Yogyakarta City. This market provides souvenirs of Yogyakarta, such as batik and handicrafts.


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